A Little Blast From The Past (And Now I’ve Turned Into A VH1 Special…)

Hey indie kids and punk rockers alike! Have you heard of NoFX’s Punk in Drublic? Of course you have, it’s nearly 13 years old. So why the hell am I making a post on it? Because, chances are, if you are over 20 yrs old, regardless if you still listen to punk or have gone on to indie, you have owned or at least liked some songs off this album at one stage of your life. Like the Giving Tree, you have shunned what has once given you joy and hapiness (shame on you!) But don’t worry, I’m here to make peace between you and NOFX. Because contrary to common belief, it is NOT my job to keep punk rock elite. Who knows, maybe you’ll still know some of the words!

PS: Linoleum always made me want to name my dog “dog”. Oh and The Brews made me wish I was Jewish (ok not really, but I do want an “Anti-Swastika” tattoo).

NOFX – Linoleum


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