The Moldy Peaches

“What? Punk rocker/Ska nerd silverunity is posting on an indie band? I just lost 10 scene points for listening to a band liked by someone who likes ska!!!! Say it ain’t so!”

Oh but it is… it is so. To be honest, I don’t know too much about this band, besides the fact they are a lo-fi, anti-folk, hipstertastic band (whatever the fuck that all means) from NYC (although originally Washington State). So how the hell did I hear of these guys?

About four years ago, me and a friend ran a radio show in college, and one night, we had another friend of ours come up and play some music he liked. He found “The Moldy Peaches” buried in the shelves, and played it for us (and everyone listening to our show, which was probably just us actually.) Anyways, we found it hysterical and loved these moldy fruits since.

The Moldy Peaches – On Top
The Moldy Peaches – NYC’s Like A Graveyard


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