Greatest 5 Punk Songs By Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

Well Sasha’s internet has been broken for the past few days, hence we have turned into punk rock housewives (muwahaha).

I compiled a list of 5 kickass songs by bands that really aren’t big at all, but have some solid songs. Check it.

5. Topper – No More Elvis
These guys from Sweden definitely draw influences from ’77 style punk, but add their own catchy as hell twist to it. This song has a clap breakdown, and quite honestly, what else do you possibly need?

4. Jup – Queen Of Hearts
Jup was a NJ band I saw play with my friend’s band during a Battle of the Bands (I just used the word “band” 3 times in the last sentence. Beat that sucka). While they don’t play my usual brand of punk rock (they are more on the poppier side), this song definitely stands out. This is pop-punk the way it should be… strong melodies, not overly whiney, and catchy as… well, a catchy song.

3. The Black Halos – B.S.F
Ok these Vancouver glam rockers are bigger than I thought. One look at their myspace, and it shows they actually get craploads of hits. Either way, this song is awesome, not overly “glammy”, and very reminiscent of a heavier The Humpers.

2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Just kidding indie kid. Sorry to get your hopes up.

2.The Faction – Lets Go Get Cokes
70’s style skate punk at it’s best. This band got pretty big in the skateboarding scene back in the 80’s (because Steve Caballero was in the band, whoever he is… don’t look at me like that, I inline, son.)

1. Humungus – I Hate Mother Fucking Cops
Amazing street punk song. Think INDK on speed.

BUY (sorry, I forgot this was a punk list… let me try again. “Go ahead you capitalist pig. Up the punks… I mean punx.” Better?)
The Faction
Black Halos
Jup doesn’t exist anymore. If you want their demo, leave a comment and I’ll post it.

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