Those Who Cannot Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It.

I am not a book buff by any means (unless of course “The Bathroom Reader”, Calvin and Hobbes, and Foxtrot count as quality reading, which I will argue… yes.) However, every now and then I’ll pick up a “real” book that completely changes the way I view different issues. Let me just go ahead and say that I believe that “A People’s History Of The United States” by Howard Zinn should be read by every American citizen.

Agree with it or not, PHOTUS definitely is profound and leave you thinking regardless of your political ideology. Zinn’s book tells the untold American history by the ones who were conviently left out of the textbooks and “4th of July” history specials. I’m talking about the Native Americans, women, slaves, labor unions, and everyone else who isn’t part of the “elite”.

Not a big history buff? Neither am I, or Sasha (the one who recommended it to me). However, Zinn’s book grips in a way similar to a bad accident… you don’t want to look because it’s so horrible, but you just can’t help yourself.

Don’t be put off by the length of the book (like I originally was), as you can easily pick out chapters that interest you (although I’d highly recommend reading the whole book). After reading a few chapters, it’s easy to see the roots that planted most of the issues in this country today (Exigency!). Aaaand since this is still a music blog:

Propagandhi – A People’s History Of The World

Ignite – Know Your History





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