Less Than Jake Release New Song (And It’s Actually A Return To Form!)

Rejoice Less Than Jake fans! For they have returned to true form!

Less Than Jake has always been one of my favorite bands, and you can imagine how heartbroken I was when they completely abandoned their ska roots since Borders and Boundaries. So you can imagine how stoked (yet still skeptical) I was when they announced they were leaving the major label world, and releasing a “true to form” album on their own record label entitled “GNV FLA”.

They released their first song off of the album, entitled “Does The Lion City Still Roar?” and let me say… this song has more horns in it then all of “In With The Out Crowd”. I feel like I’ve just re-united with a long lost friend.


Less Than Jake – Does The Lion City Still Roar?


Sleep It Off Records

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