Desmond Dekker (Because contrary to popular belief… No Doubt did not invent ska)

Sasha used to tell me this hilarious story of how people she knew believed that Sublime and No Doubt invented ska. If you ask anyone on the street who the greatest musician/group from Jamaica, 63% will tell you Bob Marley, and the other 37% will state in complete disbelief “there are other musicians from Jamaica besides Bob Marley?”

Let me tell you those 3 people I surveyed are wrong, and the greatest is Desmond Dekker… the king of ska. Practically every reggae and ska act has been influenced by Desmond Dekker in some way or another (hell, even Toots and The Mayals have a song called “Desmond Dekker Came First”).

Desmond Dekker’s music always is able to put a huge grin across my face, no matter what type of mood I am in. If you’ve never listened to Desmond Dekker before, definitely check out the original rude boy, as he’s definitely a favorite of mine (in fact, I named my cat after him.)



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