Hub City Stompers and Tri-State Conspiracy 5/31/08

I love Philadelphia. Why? Because where else can I catch the Hub City Stompers for free on a Saturday night? I headed out to the Rotunda in West Philadelphia (born and raised, on the playgrou… err sorry), which is pretty much a small community center (could hold about 350 people max).

I missed the first band “Drive-Thru Pharmacy”, but made it just in time for Abstract Roots.

Abstract Roots

Abstract Root play smooth reggae mixed in with some experimental keyboards. They kind of reminded me of Slightly Stoopid, but a little mellower. Playing a decent set, they got a few kids in the crowd doing some easy skanking. For a brand new band, they weren’t bad by any means.

Tri-State Conspiracy

The first thing I noticed about this New York ska/swing fusion ensemble was the lead singer’s mannerisms were strikingly similar to Jack Terricloth of World Inferno Friendship Society. Tri-State Conspiracy had by far the most stage energy of the night, with all of the members rocking out. They kept the songs fast paced, with an occasional slower one thrown in to give the numerous people skanking a rest. If they come around, definitely check Tri-State Conspiracy out.



Snuff You Out Of My Life

Hell To Pay


Call It Quits

The Clone

Murder Fantasy

TSC Stomp

Mr. Huntingworth

Hub City Stompers

It seems like I’ve been seeing Hub City Stompers a lot lately. Although, this was probably the first time I saw them and they were all completely sober, and it’s the nicest they ever were. Instead of the usual “I hate you alls” (we only got one that night), there were a lot of “thanks for coming out tonight” which completely threw me off guard. The second they took the stage, the entire room broke out into a skank mosh frenzy, and it seemed like most people knew the words to all of their songs, even the ones not recorded yet. Definitely a fun set (as usual) and it seemed like everyone was having a good time (Jeffrey from Tri-State Conspiracy was skanking for most of the set).

Might I add, this time around, when Hub City Stompers played Ska Train to Dorkville, no one looked like they were gonna cry (last show in Asbury, one kid who fit the stereotypical “rudie” attire actually looked so upset by the song I thought he was going to cry… lighten up kids!)

Ska Ska Blacksheep
Trojan Night
Bridge Over Troubled Squatter
Skinhead Boi
Mass Appeal
Clutch Tango
Skins Don’t Cry
Little Julie Swastiska
Where’s My Hooligans?
Leave Me The Fuck Alone
Johnny Date Rape
I’ve Got A Boot
Ska Train To Dorkville

Hub City Stompers – WTFIU?

Hub City Stompers
Tri State Conspiracy

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