I Hope Gas Prices Rise!

Ok, I’ll say it… I hope gasoline prices keep on rising. Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting hit hard from it and I can barely afford to fill up anymore at all, but it’s the only way people are going to wake up to our addiction. Maybe now instead of just spending and using gasoline in insane amounts, we’ll actually conserve and make a push for alternative energy. And seriously… is this really a shock for anyone? Did anyone actually think oil was going to last our needs? That oil companies are looking out for our best interests?

Sick of oil prices? Here’s an idea… boycott it. And not that one day crap we’re you’re going to fill up the next day anyway… I mean completely. Cut down your mileage. Everyone complains but won’t do anything that slightly inconveniences them. If you actually want change, do something about it, or shut up already.

So reach for the heavens gas prices… reach for the heavens.


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