Less Than Jake – GNV FLA

There is a lot at stake with Less Than Jake’s newest release “GNV FLA”. In recent years, Less Than Jake’s releases have been (how should I put this) subpar compared to earlier releases. So when LTJ announced they were getting out of the major label game, us older fans were cautiously excited.

I listened to the album, and let me say, it does not disappoint. GNV FLA” is very reminiscent of “Borders and Boundaries”, (although the opening track “City of Gainesville” has a very “Dopeman” feel to it).” While it’s a not complete return to “Pezcore” or “Losing Streak” days, if you’re a Less Than Jake fan, you can rest assured that “GNV FLA” is definitely a solid album and one that any LTJ fan should have.


Less Than Jake – Conviction Notice

Less Than Jake – The Space They Can’t Touch


Less Than Jake

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