Jon and Roy (For fans of Slightly Stoopid, Bedouin Soundclash, Jack Johnson)

Jon and Roy are what Jack Johnson would sound like if Jack Johnson didn’t suck (well, besides Banana Pancakes, that’s a solid song). As you can tell, I’m usually not a fan of acoustic folk rock, as I find it incredibly boring, but Jon and Roy keep me interested somehow.

Maybe it’s the calm, almost hypnotic voice… maybe it’s how well the guitar carries the rhythm along with the bass and percussion… or most likely, maybe they slipped something in my drink.

Taking cues from both Bedouin Soundclash and Slightly Stoopid, Jon and Roy manage to sneak in some sweet, sweet Roots Reggae sound (although not as much as Bedouin or Slighty Stoopid).

Either way, Jon and Roy are the perfect duo to bust some lazy chills with on a sunday afternoon.

Jon and Roy – What I Need
Jon and Roy – Another Noon

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