Fifth Hour Hero (For fans of Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music, Smoke or Fire)

Alright all you scruffy melodic punk rockers, it’s time to give that Gaslight Anthem album a rest. Check out this band tha…. HEY! I saw you reach for your Hot Water Music collection! Where was I? I’ve got a band that you may have missed: Fifth Hour Hero.

Fifth Hour hero played punk rock in the veins of Lawrence Arms, Samiam, and Smoke or Fire. The vocals are split between gal/guy, which adds a new dynamic and creates a sound that makes it their own.

If any of these apply to you:
a. Have a scruffy beard
b. Like to wear flannel
c. Like melodic punk rock

check them out.

Fifth Hour Hero – Faint and Fading Out
Fifth Hour Hero – After All Is Said and Done

Worth Putting Your Pabst Down For:
Smoke or Fire
Lagwagon – I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen To Lagwagon
Show Review: Strike Anywhere and Paint it Black Live In Philly

No Idea Records

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