Best 4 Stand Up Comedians

Punks! Take a break from the revolution for a minute, you’re looking a little too down. Give yourself a good laugh!

4. Mitch Hedburg
Probably the most awkward mofo on stage, Mitch was known for his unconventional joke style (one liners and damn all transition to hell). Brings observational humor to a whole new level.

3. Jim Gaffigan
The only man who can take an entire set and revolve it around food, laziness, and generally being a fat slob… and still be completely hilarious.

2. Bill Hicks
Sadly, Bill is relatively unknown due to his untimely death at age 32, but this man completely revolutionized comedy. Bringing his scathing (sometimes uncontrollable) social commentary to stand up comedy, Hicks influenced many, including George Carlin, Lewis Black, and Dennis Leary (who some actually said stole Bill’s act.)

1. George Carlin
Hands down the master of comedy.


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