The Bouncing Souls w/Grey Area live in Philadelphia (9/21/08)

The Bouncing Souls have always been my favorite band, with their anthems that I carried as my own back when I was an angsty teenager 9 years ago, all the way through now, where I carry their as my own as an angsty adult.

I wound up showing up a little late, but I got in the large, yet intimate Starlight ballroom right when Everybody Out! was finishing up, which is a shame because from what I heard in those 3 minutes was awesome (very Street Dogs / The Business influenced).

Grey Area

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the melodic hardcore band Grey Area, and last night, they proved that all these things said about them are completely true. Playing melodic hardcore somewhere between Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, Grey Area had constant stage dives, pile-ons, and slam dancing going on through the entire set. Although I previously never heard any of their music, I felt like I was a life long fan last night.

Bouncing Souls

Now, I’ve seen the Bouncing Souls well over 10 times, yet before they took the stage, I still got as gleeful as the first time I saw them back in 2003. This was the most intimate atmosphere I’d ever seen them (aka. no barricades in front of the stage), and I was looking forward to see the constant stage dives and raw energy that were completely inevitable.

Keeping true to the (new found) tradition, Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run” blasted over the intercom before the Souls took stage… with everyone (ok… me and a few more) singing along (what can I say, I’m a Jersey kid). Jumping straight into “East Coast Fuck You” the Bouncing Souls unleashed the crowd into a complete frenzy. This pretty much continued throughout the entire set, until they got to the acoustic part, where things calmed down a bit. Playing more acoustic songs than usual, the slower paced music actually worked well for the envirornment. Definitely the best Souls show I’ve been to since the first time I ever saw them.

Setlist from what I can remember (not it order):
East Coast Fuck You
Sing Along Forever
Joe Lies (When He Cries)
Here We Go
Lean on Sheena
Headlights Ditch (acoustic)
Anchors Aweigh (acoustic)
Gone (acoustic)
New Song (sounded pretty solid, stoked to see what they’re gonna release)
Hopeless Romantic
Highway Kings
The Ballad of Johnny X
Kate is Great
The Gold Song
Lay Em Down, Smack Em, Yack Em
True Believers
Private Radio
Kids and Heroes
Night On Earth (acoustic)

The Bouncing Souls – Highway Kings
The Bouncing Souls – Headlights Ditch!

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