Bankrupt (Hungarian Punk Rock For fans of Satanic Surfers, The Peacocks, NOFX)

Skate punk is a pretty limited genre. All too often, bands will completely emulate their contemporaries as opposed to pulling some influences, which when listening to, leads me to say things like “Gee, I should really shut this off and just listen to some Deviates”.

Hungary’s Bankrupt is able to avoid this problem by pulling in influences from a variety of bands. Sure, the melodic 90s skate punk you’d find in a So-Cal band is there, but then all of a sudden you’re hit with a pyschobilly guitar riff.

While relatively unknown here in the States, these Budapest punk rockers aren’t newbies. Playing for nearly 12 years together and touring all over the world, Bankrupt has developed into their own sound, successfully blending all of their influences and delivering an onslaught of catchy punk rock.

Bankrupt – Baby’s Got The Bird Flu
Bankrupt – Straight Outta Graceland

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