NOFX – Coaster

Take a look at your vinyl (hipster…)/digital (pirate…) /cd (obsolete-ist) collection, and see if you own Pump Up The Valuum and American Errorist… if you do, then you pretty much own NOFX’s latest album “Coaster”. This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from NOFX on Coaster, but I was pleasantly surprised. The songs aren’t groundbreaking musically, but they do contain 12 solid, melodic skate punk songs from these Cali oldsters that I actually haven’t been able to stop listening to.

Fat Mike does tread new ground lyrically with the song “My Orphan Year”, the most heartfelt and serious song I’ve ever heard by NOFX. The rest of the songs are your typical NOFX subject matter: religious people are idiots, awkward conversations with the band Sara & Tegan, and being an alcoholic.

If you like NOFX, then you’ll obviously like “Coaster”, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking. As for me, I’ve been digging it, and think it’s the best NOFX album in a few years.

NOFX – My Orphan Year
NOFX – Best god In Show

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Fat Wreck

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