Betrayed – Substance (For fans of Champion, Embrace, Bane)

Finally, a band that takes the ferocity of hardcore and successfully blends it with the raw energy of punk rock. Betrayed, who includes old members of Champion, Terror, and Carry On, released one hell of a debut album “Substance” back in 06.

Unfortunately, the band and their release didn’t get too much press, so it was easy to overlook. Shame, because it is one hell of a hard hitting album. It’s good to see a bunch of hardcore band members tapping into their punk roots.

The opener “Think Twice” shows what this band is all about: fast and defiant. But the real gems are the slower, more thoughtful songs like “The City Lights”. If you like hardcore or punk rock (which, I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this blog), then definitely check out these under the radar dudes.

Betrayed – The City Lights

Some Hardcore, Some Punk Rock:
Full Set Videos This Is Hardcore 09
Lighten Up! – Absolutely Not! (For fans of Paint it Black, The Steal, Kid Dynamite)
Off With Their Heads – From The Bottom

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