Municipal Waste – Massive Aggressive (New Album!)

Lords of thrash Municipal Waste don’t really need a proper introduction. These Richmond revivalists resurrected the previously thought dead genre of cross-over thrash back in 2003 with “Waste Em All”, brought it to the limelight in 05 with “Hazardous Mutations”, and nearly god-damn perfected it in 07 with “The Art of Partying”.

Two years later, the band finally released the long anticipated “Massive Aggressive”, and while it doesn’t exactly take “Partying’s” throne as best modern crossover thrash album, it’s still one fuck of a good Municipal Waste time.

I’ve read a lot blogs that were disappointed with the latest, claiming it to be be boring, slow, and have dumber lyrics than the other albums. While the Massive Aggressive does seem to have a bit more songs that are chuggy, the boogie boards will still be flying at their live shows with melt-facings such as “Wolves of Chernobyl” and “Divine Blasphemer”.

I think the slowness that people are complaining about has something to do with the recording. Something does seem different about the production, with the songs not really reaching that overwhelming wall of sound, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the song structures themselves.

Municipal Waste does dive in new territory lyrically, singing songs about politics (“duuuude, politics has no place in a party… except a political party man…”), and it’s good to see the band tread some new terroritory.

If you’re new to the Waste, I’d start with The Art of Partying, but any fan of thrash should check out Massive Aggressive.

Municipal Waste – Wolves Of Chenorbyl

Tango And Thrash EP (Tribute to Kurt Russell)
Hazardous Mutations


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