Your Job Sucks (A Mix!)

Life would be so much better, if it wasn’t for jobs taking up a huge fucking chunk of your day. It would be sweet if we could all just get up and quit our jobs, unfortunately the bills don’t stop because we stopped working.

So, like most of you, I have a job to pay bills, and the job completely sucks. Especially now that they’re getting on my ass about coming in a little late (reliant on public transportation) and they’re itching to fire me over it. Funny how bosses have an aneurysm if you’re a few minutes late to work, but they have no problem asking you to stay late.

So, why not have a mix about the topic?

Bouncing Souls – Monday Morning Ant Brigade
Bomb The Music Industry – Jobs Schmobs
Atom and His Package – Mission #1: Avoid Job Working With Assholes
Strike Anywhere – You’re Fired
The Slackers – Work Song
The Virus – Working For The Company

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