Off With Their Heads with Cloak/Dagger, Slow Death (Live in Asbury Park 2/12/10)

On Friday night, I took the 1 and a half hour drive out to punk rock bowling alley Asbury Lanes in my home state of New Jersey to catch one of my favorite sing a long bands, Off With Their Heads.


I arrived in the middle of these guys set, but the very little that I did see made me interested in checking out more by these Richmond hardcore dudes. Cloak/Dagger didn’t fuck around. Just listening to them play a few tracks reminded me a lot of hardcore band Bars. Definitely need to check out more by these guys.

Slow Death (Pretty Boy Thorson)

Ok, it took me forever to figure out who the fuck these guys were, since lead singer just kept making drunken NJ jokes “Hi we’re The Ergs!” “Hey, glad you all could come see us, the Hudson Falcons”. Regardless of their name, they killed it live. Playing high energy punk rock mixed with a touch of pyschobility, I was hooked. I checked out some of their recorded work and it’s a lot more laid back, kind of like Against Me’s recorded stuff vs. live. Finally at the end of the set, they finally clued us into who they were: Bruce Springsteen.

House Boat

These guys were added on the bill at the last minute, and weren’t on the lineup at all. The crowd seemed to love them, singing along to all the of the words. The band played pop-punk, and wow, did the lead singer like to hear himself talk. He talked throughout the whole set, taking a pause between each song in order to talk. For the most part, these guys were good musically, but I just can’t get over the New Found Glory wannabe vocals. Still, the crowd ate it up.

Off With Their Heads

Finally, the reason I drove from Philly! For those who don’t know (and really, what reader of the Midwestern Housewives doesn’t know this), Off With Their Heads play punk rock in the veins of Dillinger Four. Jumping right into “I Am You”, the crowd sang along to every word, and danced their ass off (ok, that last part was just me actually). Playing a decent portion off of “All Things Move Towards Their End” and a bit of material “From The Bottom”, Off With Their Heads also played a new song (which killed it, so I’m looking forward to whatever they put out next).

Unfortunately, Off With Their Heads’ set was over way too soon, and although the crowd demanded an encore, the band refused to play one, which makes it seem like the band is simply going through the motion as opposed to actually enjoy being onstage (and in all honesty, I can’t say I blame them with the amount they tour). Still, a killer set as usual.

Some Highlights:

I Am You
Until The Day
Fuck This I’m Out
For The Four
New Song

Off With Their Heads – Until The Day…

Off With The Housewives:
Off With Their Heads – From The Bottom
Over Stars and Gutters – Consider This Your Curse
The Soviettes – LP


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