Team Robespierre – Everything’s Perfect (For fans of Atom and His Package, Matt and Kim, Intro5pect)

Ever since the demise of Atom and His Package, there has been quite the rising of quirky as dancy synth driven music in punk. Sure, I guess you can argue it started with New Wave, but those were the 80s, and everyone was smoking crack then anyway.

Just ask Nancy.
Team Robespierre is the punk rock answer to Matt and Kim: catchy electronic dance music with a bit of a punk rock bite. Their quick hitting full legth “Everything’s Perfect” is jammed packed high energy slightly pissed off sing-alongs. If other contemporaries such as Totally Michael and Matt and Kim were the happy, level 1 music of Super Mario Bros, Team Robespierre would be Bowser’s spooky ass castle.

“I would have gotten away with it to, if it wasn’t for you no friend loser and that pesky Game Genie”

Team Robespierre’s melodies tend to be a lot darker than many in this genre as heard on tracks such as “Laika” and “Solid Gold”. That doesn’t mean the songs aren’t catchy as hell, and they even dip into the more melodic territory with the jesus-christ-this-is-gonna-be-in-my-head-all-fucking-day “Ha Ha Ha”.

The music is fun, and good if you just are looking for something light hearted. I personally find that there’s a lot of crap in the whole dance punk genre, but Team Robespierre is definitely worth checking out.

Team Robespierre – Ha Ha Ha

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Team Robespierre

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