The Ruining – This Is An Ambush (For fans of None More Black, Lagwagon, Whatever it Takes)

Last Friday when I went to go see Off With Their Heads, I wound up running late and unfortunately missed the Philly/NJ local openers, The Ruining. After the show, I stopped by their merch table just to see what the band was all about, and one of the dude’s gave me some stickers and their EP “This Is An Ambush”.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… I thought they were a hardcore band too by their name, but I was waaay off homie. I’ve heard them described as Jawbreaker or The Replacements, but when I popped the EP in for a listen, Whatever It Takes and None More Black immediately came to mind. Catchy melodic punk rock is what The Ruining is all about. My only complaint? “This Is An Ambush” is only 3 songs long, so you should probably just go check it out for yourself.

The Ruining – There’s A Roller coaster In My Head

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The Ruining

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