The Casualties – Die Hards (For fans of The Unseen, The Virus, The Boils)

Man, The Casualties get a lot of shit from the punk scene. I’ve heard complaints ranging from they just recycle riffs (Ramones anyone?) , they care too much about their hair (I’m not looking at them on CD buddy), their fans are all younger (we all start somewhere…listen, no one comes out of the womb blasting Crass) and that their lyrics tend to be stupid (ok… I can’t argue that).

Regardless of the criticism, and although I don’t listen to them all that often anymore, The Casualties album “Die Hards” is one hell of an album that gets way too much shit. Sure, they sing about “upping the punks” a bit much, but the music is damn solid. This is some of the finest street punk around, regardless of how popular the band may be. High energy and aggressive, mixed with Jorge’s defiant and pissed snarls, songs like “Get Off My Back” and “Ugly Bastards” remind me why i fell in love with punk rock to begin with.

I listen to a decent amount of street punk, and The Casualties “Die Hards” will always have a special place in my punk rock heart. Who cares if it’s the “mainstream” of street punk? Wouldn’t you rather have kids listening to this, going on the right track as opposed to some Passion Pit or Vampire Weekend bullshit?

The Casualties – Get Off My Back

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