Stay Sharp – Four Songs (For fans of Kid Dynamite, Paint it Black, The Steal)

Not to toot my adopted city’s own horn, but I am willing to call Philadelphia the melodic hardcore capital of the world. Ever since Kid Dynamite graced Philly, it’s been a breeding ground for hardcore with many damn good bands: Paint it Black, Lighten Up, Stay Sharp. Wait, you’ve never heard of Stay Sharp? You’re missing out duder.

Stay Sharp’s four song EP (appropriately titled “Four Songs”… although I think they should have called it Five Songs just to fuck with people) have all the makings of that classic philly hardcore: catchy buy heavy as shit melodies, pile on inducing gang vocals, and the majority of songs ending in under 1:30.

Sure, it’s a sound that’s been done many times over, but Stay Sharp certainly does it justice. Definitely worth your time.

Stay Sharp – Hatfield Of Dreams

The Steal – Bright Grey
Lighten Up – Absolutely Not
Paint It Black – Amnesia
Friends of Friends

Stay Sharp

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