Everyone Everywhere MP3 Blog Tour Begins!

There’s those who don’t fucking get it, such as the soon to be completely irrelevant RIAA who is pushing for the federal government to mandate spyware installs on our computer to delete MP3s (no, seriously).

Then there are those who fucking get it. Label Tiny Engines and band Everyone Everywhere have decided to completely give away Everyone Everywhere’s upcoming Self Titled Release through an MP3 blog tour! Everyday (minus the weekend), a blog will host a song off of the new album. We here at housewives are honored to be part of this tour, and we’ll be hosting an exclusive track this upcoming Friday.

The tour begins on April 19th (that’s today dudes) over at The Ripple Effect and will continue for the next two weeks. But you better jump on this tour quickly, because the songs will only be available until May 4th.

Tour date:
01. Tiny Planet @ The Ripple Effect – Monday (04/19)
02. Raw Bar OBX 2002 @ Can You See The Sunset? – Tuesday (04/20)
03. From The Beginning To The Tail @ Built On A Weak Spot – Wednesday (04/21)
04. Tiny Town @ Dryvetyme Onlyne – Thursday (04/22)
05. Tiny Boat @ Battle Of The Midwestern Housewives – Friday (04/23)

Side B

06. Music Work Paper Work @ Deckfight – Monday (04/26)
07. Blown Up Grown Up @ The Album Project – Tuesday (04/27)
08. Fld Ovr @ Familiarize Yourself – Wednesday (04/28)
09. I Feel Fine by Everyone Everywhere @ Reviewsic – Thursday (04/29)
10. Obama House, Fukui Prefecture @ Clicky Clicky Music – Friday (04/30)

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