Christ On A Crutch – Crime Pays When Pigs Die (For fans of Against All Authority, Minor Threat, Black Flag)

Man, Christ gets around these days. We’ve Christ On Parade, and now apparently he’s on a crutch. Get well soon Jesus.

Christ On A Crutch is one of the bands where I got their album a long time ago but never really got around to listening to it, and then discovered the awesomeness through the random function of my MP3 player. The music is aggressive punk rock, very similar to Against All Authority without the ska (actually, AAA covers a Christ On A Crutch Song).

Unfortunately, Christ On A Crutch is most famous for one of the bassist who eventually went on to join the Sunny Day Real Estate and the Foo Fighters. They deserve much more recognition than that. This is solid, high energy punk rock which often dips into hardcore territory with songs like “Nation Of Sheep”.

Christ On A Crutch – Paranoid World Vision

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