Bomb The Music Industry w/ Franz Nicolay (Asbury Park , 5/11/10)

Thank god for Google Calendar huh? Yesterday, I hopped on my computer, only to get a notification letting me know that Bomb The Music Industry’s show was happening… shit I completely forgot about that! I made the long trek from Philadelphia over to Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park NJ to catch one of the most DIY ska punk bands around.

Slightly apprehensive to go as my doctor told me to make sure that “no one steps on you” due to a sprained foot, I decided “fuck it” and got there right in time for one man show Franz Nicolay.

Franz Nicolay

Most famously known for his involvement in circus punk band World Inferno Friendship Society, and classic rock band The Hold Steady, Franz took the stage with three instruments laid out before him: a guitar, an accordion, and a banjo. His set was a mix of song, tales, and a bit of jokes as well, and I was surprised by how completely captivated I was by the entire set.

Taking the stage and playing a guitar number (about putting guitars down… ironically enough) and told us a few stories. I was amazed by his clever use of his feet, providing the percussion for the majority of the songs. At one point someone shouted out a Hold Steady song, and he just said “If I were to never play that song again… it would still be too soon.”

I’m not too familiar with his work unfortunately, but two standouts were Jeff Penalty and Dead Sailors. Definitely go check him out if he comes around you’re area.

Bomb The Music Industry:

I wasn’t sure if the band was going to be Jeff with his mp3 player or if we’d be treated to the full band. Not only did we get a full band, we also had a rare, extended setlist as well. Yeah, it was a good night to be in Asbury Park.

Opening straight into… haha wait no this is Bomb The Music Industry we’re talking about so they took the stage and goofed off for a bit before blasting into “Blow Your Brains On Out On Live TV” which had the small crowd explode into a pit.

About 10,000 foot steps later, they played a nice mix from all of their albums, with the majority coming off of their newest “Adults!!! Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!” After someone fell and was sprawled across the guitar pedals, the band jokingly threatened us to “behave, otherwise we’ll walk off stage, turn on an iPod, and just listen to “Strictly Rude” for the rest of the show”.

The band seemed to be having a good time, and once they got through their normal set, they came back out for an encore playing mostly joke covers. At this point the I-have-sand-in-my-dick-hole sound guy shut the band off, and then said “I’ll give you one more song, and you better fucking make it a real one”. Yeah ok tough guy…

A solid show, even the asshole sound guy couldn’t put a damper on the fun.

Setlist: (pretty complete, I think)

Blow Your Brains Out On Live TV
You Still Believe In Me
I’m A Panic Bomb, Baby
It Shits!!!
Pizza Clause Is Coming To Town
493 Ruth
All Ages Show
Big Ending
The First Time I Met Sanawon
Fresh Attitude, Young Body
King Of Minneapolis I & II
Saddr Weirdr
Congratulations John On Joining Every Time I Die
I Don’t Love You Anymore

Shower beers
Funcoland Vs. The Southern Electorate
Say Anything (Bouncing Souls Cover)
My Own Worst Enemy (SR-71 Cover)
Self Esteem (Offspring Cover)
Sort Of Like Being Pumped

Bomb The Music Industry – 493 Ruth

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Bomb The Music Industry – Adults, Smart, Shithammered, and Excited By Nothing
Bomb the Music Industry – Scrambles
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – Discography

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