Ceremony , Skin Like Iron , Vaccine Live In Philly (06/20/10)

To continue my awesome weekend of punk rock, I headed out to Philly’s Barbary on Sunday to see one of my favorite hardcore bands around: Ceremony.

I missed the first few bands, but made it in time for Vaccine.


First up was Massachusetts straight edge band Vaccine. These dudes played brutal, spazzy hardcore, even flirting a bit with crust and power violence. Very blast beat oriented, they reminded me of Phobia and Capitalist Casualties much more than any standard hardcore act.

Vaccine’s set was super short, and they were all business. There wasn’t any stage banter at all, and not even an introduction. In fact, I don’t think they said a word to the crowd besides the screams in the microphone.

Skin Like Iron:

Made up from half of the members of Ceremony, these guys freaking killed it. I’ve never heard of them before hand, but I definitely want to check out more of their stuff now. Having a high energy performance, and a sound like Disfear, I was sold.


If there was one thing that can be said about California’s Ceremony, it’s that you need to prepare for the unexpected. They surprised everyone with their newly released Rohnert Park, and everybody knows by this point that Ceremony are not your typical hardcore band. For example, when the guitarist was asked in an interview what does hardcore mean to him, he responded “glam”.

One thing that can be expected however is an insane off the walls balls shows. The band opened with sick, and we instantly lost our shit going straight for the pile-ons and stage dives. Frontman Ross ferociously attacked the microphone like a rabid dog, was constantly climbing up things, and was down in the middle of the pit for the majority of the time.

Playing a few off Rohnert park, the majority came off of their older material such as Violence Violence and Ruined, which we all went batshit crazy for.

Once the band busted into Terminal Addiction, Andy from Paint it Black played the greatest damn glass bottle solo I’ve ever heard.

He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings
Pressure’s On
The Difference Between Looking And Seeing
Terminal Addiction
Throwing Bricks
Walking Home
Mothers And Fathers
Plutocratic Swine Rake
The Lines In My Forehead
Living Hell
Open My Head
Eraser Making It’s Way It’s Only Job
It Rained In My Head
I Want To Put This To An End
Living In The Doldrums
This Is My War

Ceremony – Into The Wayside Pt I / Sick

Ceremony – Rohnert Park
Ceremony’s Set From “This Is Hardcore 09”
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Ceremony – Scared People EP
Ceremony – Still Nothing Moves You

Bridge 9

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