The Queers – Beyond The Valley (For Fans of Screeching Weasel, Ramones, Groovie Ghoulies)

If you’re looking for intellectual, thought provoking, heart felt music, then The Queers “Beyond The Valley…” is probably exactly what you are looking for. Song titles like Stupid Fucking Vegan, Journey To The Center Of Your Empty Fucking Skull, and the heartstrings pulling My Cunt’s A Cunt are guaranteed to get your brain juices flowing.

All joking aside, although the album didn’t exactly get great reviews, I definitely do enjoy “Beyond The Valley” in all it’s glory with it’s brash, immature lyrics. Musically, the songs follow the 3-chord punk rock template, sounding a lot like The Ramones (if the Ramones wrote even more juvenile lyrics…)

Catchy as hell, I’ve been singing songs from “Beyond The Valley” all day… getting looks from people as I quietly rock out to the chorus of “I Gotta Strangle That Girl”.

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