Dry Feet – Philadelphia Beach (For fans of Teenage Harlets, Ramones, Groovie Ghoulies)

Hey you fucking shoobies, listen up! Summer is almost over here in the Northeast (and screw you lucky bastards who have warm weather year round), so you better go make some final trips to the beach before mother nature goes all Jack Frost on your ass.

While you’re down catching some rays, you’re gonna want some kickass music to listen to (not that pop shit they blast every time I head to the Jersey shore), so you might want to check out surf punk band Dry Feet’s debut album, “Philadelphia Beach”.

Fronted by hardcore band Lighten Up’s singer Perry, if I could describe “Philadelphia Beach” in two words, it would be raaaadical dude. Featuring 8 songs, with about half of them being instrumental jams, and the others being some sick surf punk tunes.

But alas, just like the summer, Dry Feet’s Philadelphia Beach will be over before you know it, with those 8 songs totaling about 12 minutes. Check it out you damn bennys.

Dry Feet – Pray For Surf

Lighten Up – Absolutely Not

Dry Feet

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