NOFX – The Longest EP (For fans of Dillinger Four, Rancid, Bad Religion)

If there is one staple band in punk rock, it probably would have to be NOFX. Actively playing music since 1983, NOFX has released a shit ton of albums and EPs over the years. How’s a NOFX fan supposed to keep up? Finally, the band recently released “The Longest EP” (a play on one of their earlier EPs, The Longest Line), which is a compilation of 30 songs that were found on EPs, compilations, and a few previously unreleased tracks.

Musically, you guys should know what to expect: melodic California skate punk rock. So instead of going over the style of music, I’ll just tell you what exactly is on here.

Songs from:

– The Longest Line EP
– 2 unreleased outtakes from the Fuck The Kids EP
-Bottles To The Ground EP
-Regaining Unconsciousness EP
-13 Stitches EP
-Rock Against Bush Volume 1
-Take Action Volume 4
-Never Trust A Hippie
-Coaster Vinyl Bonus Track
-Cokie The Clown EP
-NOFX / Drowning Rose Split
-The PMRC Can Suck On This

Yeah, that’s a lot of shit. If you’re a die hard fan and already have most of this, then you can skip it without really missing much, but if you’re not fanatical enough to collect all of NOFX’s stuff, then this is a good album to have to help round the collection.

NOFX – Cokie The Clown

NOFX – Coaster
NOFX – So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
NOFX – War On Errorism
NOFX – Pump Up The Valuum

Fat Wreck

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