Homecoming 2010 (A Mix)

(bonus points if you can name my school)

Ahh homecoming 2010. I wasn’t sure this year if I was going to attend, as last year’s was kinda “meh”, but I am so fucking happy I did. As usual, avoided all sports games and simply partied with friends. Holy fuck I miss that place.

Things were pretty sweet, saw lots of people, and at points things got a little out of hand this time around… (note to readers: learn from my friends. Playing “I punch you, you punch me” is a bad idea when wasted and may result in a hospital visit).

Groovie Ghoulies – Til Death Do Us Party
Atom and His Package – Before My Friends Do
Municipal Waste – The Art Of Partying
Bigwig – Friends
Bouncing Souls – Manthem
Lagwagon – To All My Friends

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