LxExAxRxN – First Lesson (For fans of Bones Brigade, Municipal Waste, Cut The Shit)

Holy fucking shit. This. This right here is the reason I fell in love with punk rock to begin with. Italy’s fastcore band LxExAxRxN is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands (too bad they broke up), and their release “First Lesson” explains why.

For starters, there are 11 songs that end in about 8 minutes, and as you can guess, there is absolutely no filler whatsoever. LxExAxRxN plays fast, thrashy punk hardcore that is awesome music to skate to, or if you need a quick fix.

I’m keeping this post short in the spirit of the album, but seriously, if you dig stuff like Bones Brigade or Municipal Waste’s old albums, do yourself a favor and check this out.

LxExAxRxN – You Skate We Feel Hate

LxExAxRxNx – Till Death
Aneurysm Rats
Bones Brigade – Endless Bummer

Think it’s out of print.

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