The Ataris – Look Forward To Failure (For fans of Blink-182, Saves The Day, Lagwagon)

Ever take an album you think you’ve never listened to, and then once you play it, everything sounds familiar and you find yourself singing along to the majority of words? Yeah, that’s what happened with The Atari’s 1998 EP “Looking Forward To Failure”.

It’s all coming back to me, I used to jam out to this when I was but a freshman in high school back in 1999. I’ve heard that The Ataris have gotten poppier since Looking Forward To Failure, and while the EP does have it’s pop-punk influences, there’s enough punk roots in there to keep me jamming. Similar to early Blink-182 (think Chesire Cat era) and early Lagwagon, the 6 song EP runs just under 15 minutes, making it the perfect quick “pick me up listen”.

If you’re looking for something light hearted and catchy, definitely check out The Ataris Look Forward to Failure. I almost forgot about this gem.

The Ataris – San Dimas High School Football Rules

Hold Tight! – Can’t Take This Away
Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down
Saves The Day – Through Being Cool

Fat Wreck

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