ANS – Pressure Cracks (For fans of Municipal Waste, D.R.I, Crucial Unit)

I really dig crossover thrash, but a problem I often run into when listening is bands pursuing too much of the metal roots as opposed to the punk side. And if the vocals are more growling like metal, then fuck that. This unfortunately leaves me with a limited number of crossover bands I listen to regularly (Municipal Waste and Crucial Unit to name a few). Recently, I’ve added A.N.S to that list.

After seeing these dudes in Philly, I bought their album “Pressure Cracks” and was completely blown away. A.N.S plays aggressive hardcore tinged thrash on this 9 song album, and pulls more influences from DRI and Municipal Waste than Slayer or whatever it is you metal cats listen to (I don’t fucking know).

For the most part, the songs are the quick thrashy goodness I love, while there are one or two songs sprinkled in that are a bit more mellow and experimental ( sort Black Flag esque).

A solid album, this shit makes me want to go skate and start some circle pits.

A.N.S – I Killed Porcho

ANS Live
Municipal Waste – Waste Em All
Massive Aggressive
Tango And Thrash EP (Tribute to Kurt Russell)
Hazardous Mutations


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