The Impossibles – Brick Bomb EP (For fans of Weezer, Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker)

It’s funny how an album or song can take you back to a very specific place and time. I remember jamming out to the Impossibles “Brick Bomb” EP my freshman year of college (8 years ago, damn…) while skating, and having the song “Oxygen” pretty much sum up everything I was feeling: homesick, missing NJ, wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life.

I’m listening to the song now, and I still get butterflies, with it bringing me back to that exact moment (except now it makes me homesick for the days of college… funny how that works out). While I like The Impossibles Anthology better (before they’ve given up their ska roots), Oxygen is by far the song that has the most impact on me.

The Impossibles – Oxygen

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