Guess I’m Going To Long Island Mix

This was one of the first image results for “Long Island”. I’m now terrified.

What up trusty housewives readers? For you dudes/dudettes in the States (the colonies for you British homies out there), I hope you all have a kickass Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be heading up to Long Island to visit some friends, praying for an impromptu Barnaby Jones reunion show, and maybe try to catch that stupid fucking serial killer. Little bummed I’m not heading to my home state beaches (I love you NJ), but all good.

Fact: The majority of people from that god awful show “Jersey Shore” is from Long Island.

Here’s a lil’ lil’ Memorial Day/Long Island mix for all you.

Paint It Black – Memorial Day
Kill Your Idols – Enjoy The Show
Bomb The Music Industry- I’m a Panic Bomb, Baby!
Barnaby Jones – Danielle Steel Reserve
Arrogant Sons of Bitches – Kill the President

Homecoming 2010
A Ramones Core Mix For The Shorties
Songs to Piss Off The Personal Fitness Trainer Below Me Mix
Drunken Yuppies Breaking Into My House Mix


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