Kill Your Idols – No Gimmicks Needed (For fans of Good Riddance, Negative Approach, Gorilla Biscuits)

Long Island hardcore band Kill Your Idols put the “punk” back in hardcore punk on their debut LP album “No Gimmicks Needed”. Released back in 2000, (when screamo and emo were reaching their prime), “No Gimmicks Needed” describes what the band and album are all about.

The music is tight, aggressive, and intense with the crunching guitars and the barked lyrics. The band often flirts with melody without ever becoming too melodic, and the music always stays aggressive. They remind me a bit of Good Riddance, but while Good Riddance leaned more on the punk side, KYL tend to go more towards hardcore.

Pretty straight forward hardcore punk, any fan of punk music should pick this up.

Kill Your Idols – Right Now


Kill Your Idols – This Is Just The Beginning
Lighten Up – Absolutely Not
Gorilla Biscuits
Ten Yard Fight


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