One Win Choice, Static Radio NJ, This is Jazz (Live in Philly 8/7/11)

Last night, I headed to the place where dreams come true (a basement in Philly) to catch Static Radio NJ and One Win Choice. The place had a solid turnout for a random Sunday Funday house show, and the small basement felt packed with the 30 or so kids there.

This Is Jazz

I caught these guys back in February at The Ox open for The Menzingers, and they’ve improved quite a bit since. They played their hardcore tighter and with more aggression than the last time I saw them, and their random musings were pretty entertaining “this song is about frozen yogurt and suicide. We thought it just made sense to mix the two topics”. I picked up their demo so hopefully I’ll get a chance to put a lil’ somethin somethin up about that.

Static Radio NJ

Finally, I catch these guys at the beginning of their set instead of halfway fucking through! I’ve loved these NJ hardcore turned Lifetime-esque punks for quite some time, and they played a sick (albeit short) set in the basement. The majority of their set consisted of songs off “An Evening of Bad Decisions” with some new ones that haven’t been released yet scattered in. The new ones continue where Evening left off, sounding even more melodic (sorry hardcore kids).

They played the title track off my favorite release by them (One For The Good Guys), and I have to admit, I really had to hold back from completely going nuts and losing my shit… (because with a broken arm, that would be a terrible idea… but my heart was two stepping if that means anything).


Green Hoody

The Waiting Game



One For The Good Guys

One Win Choice

I am so glad these guys relocated to Philly, because I totally get to see them all the time now. One Win Choice always plays their hearts out whether it’s to a crowd of 100 or 15 kids in a basement, and their energy is honestly captivating. Singer Dan is all over the place making the best of the tiny space (that totally rhymed daaaawg).

Majority of songs from their quick set came off of their latest Conveyor. Best dudes, check them out.


One Win Choice – Places

Static Radio NJ- Marc


Static Radio NJ – An Evening of Bad Decisions

One Win Choice – Conveyor



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