Cerebral Ballzy – Self Titled (For fans of Black Flag, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks)

Hey you know what’s weird? Brooklyn punks Cerebral Ballzy’s latest “Self Titled” release is on Adult Swim’s (yes, the cartoon network program) record label. Oddness factor aside, any reader of this blog knows that I love Cerebral Ballzy ever since I’ve seen them a few years back.

Bringing their drunk, don’t give a fuck punk rock to the masses, their latest debut full length contains some new songs and some redone earlier material of theirs. They still are playing the old 80s influenced punk rock similar to early Black Flag and Circle Jerks (which is appropriate considering their tour with OFF), however it took a little while for me to get used to the clean recording job (the aggression is still there, it just is a little more produced).

I’ve read a lot of reviews on other punk sites shitting on this album referring to it as a hipster trend, especially since the guys from pitchfork have claimed to dig it. Seriously, who gives a flying fuck? These guys have been at it for a little while, I’ve seen them play aggressively in basements and shitty ass dive bars, and it’s always a good rowdy time. As long as they keep it up and don’t soften up due to their new fanbase, I couldn’t give two fucks who listens to them.


Cerebral Ballzy – Puke Song


Cerebral Ballzy Live 3/30/11

Cerebral Ballzy – You’re Idle EP


Cerebral Ballzy

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