They Stay Dead – EP (for fans of The Deviates, Satanic Surfers, 1208)

I’m going to keep this post short, but a few months ago I received the 3 song EP from Edmond, Oklahoma’s 4 piece band They Stay Dead. Let me just say I was hooked within the first listen.

These guys pull a lot of different influences, but upon listening the melodic punk they used to blast at the skate parks is what comes to mind (specifically The Deviates and 1208). In a post-punk-indie-insert-your-new-styles-here, it’s refreshing to hear a band that just is playing some straight up skate punk. If you’re into solid melodic punk in general, definitely check these dudes out.


They Stay Dead – Darkness


The Deviates

The Muggers

Have Nots


They Stay Dead

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