This Is Jazz – Warehouse (for fans of Trash Talk, Paint it Black, Ringworm)

Photo taken by the great

People often skip opening bands because they really just want to see the headliner, and I get that, but I’ve discovered so many damn good bands by watching opening sets. Philly’s This Is Jazz are one of those bands. At the last show I saw them at (Static Radio NJ, One Win Choice) TIJ were giving out their 6 song EP Warehouse for free.

The band plays heavy hardcore, and the entire 6 songs is over in 6 minutes. Recorded in Philly’s favorite warehouse (RIP Ox), the band has a more caustic sound than a lot of the Philly hardcore bands (amplified due to the “I gargle glass and rusty thumbtacks” voice of the lead singer).

If you dig hardcore bands like Trash Talk, definitely give This Is Jazz a listen. Oh and the best part? You can download Warehouses for free on their bandcamp.


This Is Jazz – Spacecash


Trash Talk – Plagues

Ceremony – Violence Violence


This Is Jazz

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