Bigwig – An Invitation To Tragedy (For fans of Good Riddance, NOFX, Propagandhi)

Originally hailing from NJ, I’ve been a Bigwig fan for a VERY long time, yet I realized that I haven’t posted one of my favorite albums by them. In the interest of not failing my home state (and by consequence, not having defender of NJ Danny Devito come by and kick me in the balls), let me just state that Bigwig’s Invitation To Tragedy is an essential.

Released over 10 years ago back in 2001 (shit, that’s a sobering thought), I remember logging many skate hours to the beautiful sounds of ITT. Blending lightning quick skate punk similar to Good Riddance and older Propagandhi with intricate guitar lines and driving bass and drums with poignant lyrics, these guys are a punk’s wet dream.

Songs like Mr. Asshole and Sink or Swim are simply like a shot of speed straight into your neck vein, while in contrast, songs like Moosh are a more light-hearted mid-tempo (well, mid tempo for Bigwig) anthem (and Cold and Alone in NJ is a song that I personally can relate to a little too much…)

Seriously, this would be in my top 100 albums ever released, just check it out. Also, for the love of [insert deity of your choice here], if they play a live show ever… let me know. Bigwig is on my musical bucket list and I am embarrassed to say that for as long as I’ve been listening to them and even living NJ, I never had a chance to see them. Fuck, even my non-punk fan ex has seen them… twice.

Bigwig – Mr. Asshole

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