Dangers – Messy Isn’t It (For fans of Ceremony, Punch, Trash Talk)

If I can sum up Dangers “Messy Isn’t It” in one word, it would be ‘uneasy’. Just looking at the album art should give an impression as to what to expect: raw and challenging. The album opens immediately challenging the listener “why didn’t you kill yourself today…Prove to me that the air you breathe wasn’t better served by the leaves of a tree”.

Playing furious and incredibly aggressive hardcore, Dangers 19 song (well, with two interludes) in 35 minutes album is easily becoming one of my favorite hardcore releases. If their previous album “Anger” was a complete take-no-prisoners-kill-all-women-and-children assault, Messy is a much more aggressive but more calculated aggression. In between the blazing fast hardcore (songs like I’ll Clap When I’m Impressed and Straight As She Wants To Be) lie mid-tempo jams like Teenage Porno Hunter and Cure For Aids.

If you’re a fan of hardcore, Messy Isn’t It is a must have. Dangers is easily one of the most underrated hardcore bands around, and anyone who likes Ceremony or Punch.

Dangers – I’ll Clap When I’m Impressed

Dangers – Anger
Dangers – Demo
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Punch – Self Titled


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