Millions Of Dead Cops – Hey Cop If I Had A Face Like Yours (RIYL Dead Kennedys, Subhumans, JFA)

There are days when you are looking for something new and exciting, and then there are days you just need some no-frills, no bullshit, old fashioned punk rock. Today is one of the latter days, and Million Of Dead Cops 1991 Hey Cop, If I Had A Face Like Yours fits the bill just fine.

For those who don’t know, Millions of Dead Cops are a punk band formed back in 1979, and play fast, satirical punk rock similar to The Dead Kennedys.  While they never got the fame Dead Kennedys reached, they were every bit as influential.  Hey Cop, If I Had A Face Like Yours is often ignored for their earlier Self-Titled release or their More Dead Cops compilation.

The album features 15 sloppy (in a good way) punk rock anthems dealing with war, violence, and sexism with incredibly tongue-in-cheek lyrics.  If you’re craving some straight up punk, check out MDC’s less popular release.

Fun Fact: Matt Freeman of Operation Ivy/Rancid plays bass on Hey Cop, If I Had A Face Like Yours.

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