Static Radio NJ – We Are All Beasts (For fans of Lifetime, Banquets, The Great Explainer)

Static Radio NJ have evolved quite a bit over the past few years.  After releasing their debut One For The Good Guys EP, the band gained popularity due to their no bullshit, fast paced hardcore.  With their follow up An Evening Of Bad Decisions, Static Radio NJ switched gears into a more melodic direction, and with their latest release We Are All Beasts, they expand their Lifetime-esque sound even more.

With 12 melodic punk tracks it’s almost impossible not to compare them to other NJ contemporaries such as Banquets or The Great Explainer.  While the band is more melodic, Static Radio NJ manages to be more straightforward in their melodies.  At times on Evening Of Bad Decisions, it sometimes sounded like the band was trying too hard to change their sound up and evolve, but on We Are All Beasts the songs are much more natural and organic sounding.  The band also shows a completely new side breaking uncharted territory with their acoustic tearjerker Geeks, yet still manage to remain gritty as fuck.

Where in the past vocals used to be yelled or screamed, the majority are now sung with a gruffness that (strangely) reminds me a bit of Kurt Cobain (seriously… go listen to Some Kind Of Something or the chorus of I Might Kill, you’ll see what I mean).

Fans who were hoping for a return to hardcore form will be disappointed, but while One For The Good Guys holds a special place in my hardcore heart, We Are All Beasts is definitely one fuck of a listen and definitely worth your time.

Static Radio NJ – I Might Kill

Static Radio NJ – One For The Good Guys
Static Radio NJ – An Evening of Bad Decisions
Lifetime Live In Philly

We Are All Beasts

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