American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) Live In NYC 7/22/12

Simply put, American Nightmare is one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time.  I could get into all the difficult times they’ve helped me get through, or I can talk about how going to one of their shows back in 2003 seriously saved my life and kept me from having an incredibly severe breakdown, but you should just take my word for it.  I was lucky enough to catch their reunion show up in Boston (which I flew up from Philly from), so when I saw they were playing Webster Hall in New York City, you’re damn straight I was going to go.

A friend and I traveled up to NYC to catch them, and we missed all the openers due to the fact we needed food and traffic is a bitch.  The sold out venue was packed, and it was strange seeing American Nightmare in such a large spot (but there weren’t any barricades, so all good).  AN took the stage and immediately started playing “It’s Sometimes Like It Never Started” to which a huge hardcore pit broke out (and I made a bee-line for).

The rest of the show was a blur of pits, stage dives, and pile ons.  Wes kept the stage banter to pretty much non-existent, and blasted through a 45 minute set (which seemed way too short, but that’s mostly because I wanted them to play every song).  The set consisted of songs spanning from all of their releases including a nice chunk of Background Music, and like the band, we didn’t let up for a minute.

I’m really hoping the next city they draw a heart around will be Philadelphia, although honestly, I’ll take any American Nightmare show I can get.

(It’s Sometimes Like It Never Started)
Love American
(We Are)
Shoplifting In A Ghost Town
I Saved Latin
Postmark My Compass
I’ve Shared Your Lips And Now They Sicken Me
Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
The Ice Age Is Coming
Please Die!
(And It’s Sometimes Like It Will Never End)
Young Hearts Be Free Tonight
Calculation Nation
There’s A Black Hole In The Shadow Of Pru

Protest Song #00
Your Arsonist

American Nightmare – The Ice Age Is Coming!

American Nightmare Reunion In Boston
American Nightmare – Year One
American Nightmare – Background Music
Scenester 101: How To Be An Old School Hardcore Kid In 10 Easy Steps!

Bridge 9

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