Dead Milkmen, Women, BK Friendly Live In Philly (7/27/12)

This past Friday night, I may have pissed off some friends.  They JUST arrived into town, but I had a prior date with The Dead Milkmen… sorry friends.  I headed out to Philly’s Union Transfer for AnchorFest, a memorial for Dan Krawiec and was being headlined by The Dead Milkmen.  I got there right in time for BK Friendly.

BK Friendly:

I never heard of BK Friendly before, but this solo project by Ben Kravitz (the guy who actually booked the show) said every song he was going to play that night was new.  I was sort of expecting some acoustic solo guitar type thing that seems to be incredibly popular these days, but I was pleasantly surprised when his first song busted into a rap over a pretty tight beat.  Reminding me a bit of Doomtree, BK had plenty in the crowd cheering along.  Definitely a solid performance.


Another band I’ve never heard of, Women was actually Dan Krawiec’s band before he passed away last April, and I was fucking blown away.  Playing fast aggressive punk with tinges of hardcore in the veins of Cloak/Dagger, these guys had the crowd moving a few songs in.  Women also did a cover of Black Flag’s Wasted, so bonus for that.

They took a few friendly jabs at their fallen comrade, saying how it was always his job to stage banter, and in a slurred voiced mimicked his “SHOTS!!  I NEED SHOTS ON STAGE NOW!!!!”  I definitely need to check this band out some more.

The Dead Milkmen:

Philly’s original quirkiest punk motherfuckers took the stage, demanded that everybody move in, sat at the edge of the stage, and told everyone that since this was a memorial show, they weren’t going to do any fast and loud songs (which some people actually took seriously).  With a bunch of acoustic guitars, they played a rendition of a gospel song before blasting into their regular jams we all know and love.

Through out the set, Rodney explained how he sucked at memorial shows because he never knows what’s appropriate, so he made Joe write the setlist.  With a mini speech on why you shouldn’t die and why you don’t need religion to cope with death, they played songs spanning from their catalogue, including fan favorites such as Bitchin Camaro or If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire…

The Dead Milkmen had the crowd moving and dancing a bit with a lot more youngin’s there than I would have thought (which is awesome that kids are listening to The Dead Milkmen), and it seemed like everyone had a good time (even though a bit of melancholy in the air with it being a memorial).  The Dead Milkmen made a reference to them being back in the fall, so I’m going to go ahead and guess they have a show booked soon… if you’ve never seen them, I recommend you go check them out).

Gospel Song
Thinnest Line
Big Lizzard
Bitchin’ Camaro
Dean’s Dream
Surfin Cow
Life Is Shit
The Happy Are Insane
If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire

Dead Milkmen – If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire

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The Low Budgets – Aim Low, Get High
The Low Budgets – Leave Us A Loan

Dead Milkmen

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