Punk Rock Labor Day Mix

It’s that time of year again, when we all celebrate the final days of summer (at least here on the east coast…), and take off a day of work to celebrate the working men and women (and as we pointed out before, is a complete socialist holiday, so if you talk shit about socialists, you should probably go to work.)

There’s some big labor day concerts near me, although tickets are way too expensive, and the only band worth seeing is X (the others on the lineup are Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Jay-Z… ok Jay-Z might be worth seeing).  So instead, here are some punk tunes to celebrate the weekend.

The Slackers – Work Song
The Virus – Working For The Company
Paint It Black – Labor Day
Hudson Falcons – Working Class War
Strike Anywhere – You’re Fired
Bomb The Music Industry – Jobs Schmobs
Chixdiggit – Quit Your Job

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