Texas Is The Reason – Self Titled EP (For fans of Lifetime, Thursday, The Promise Ring)

Texas Is The Reason are for better or for worse… one of the most influential bands of their time and genre.  While incredibly short lived with only one full length and one EP, they along with Lifetime and Sunny Day Real Estate are considered to be one of the main influences of the 90s emo genre (oh no, I said the dirty word!  Saying “emo” on a punk site is like yelling “socialist” at a GOP convention).

Now before you stop reading and dismiss them immediately, it’s worth noting that early emo had a very different definition than now, and resembles hardcore more than any of that crying into microphones that gets touted as emo today, and their 3 song Self Titled EP proves it.

Besides being named after a Misfits line dealing with the Kennedy assassination (“Texas is an outrage when your husband is dead/Texas is an outrage when they pick up his head/Texas is the reason that the president’s dead/You gotta suck, suck, Jackie suck”) you here many melodic hardcore roots throughout the album.

Take the incredibly two-steppable opener “If It’s Here When We Get Back, It’s Ours”.  With lyrics like “I think I’m finally sick of faking it / But I hate you all and that’s for free and that’s what makes it easy for me.” , Texas Is The Reason is filled with bitterness and cynicism.  The EP continues with the midtempo yet incredibly noisy sound of “Dressing Cold”, only to finally slow down for a few seconds with closer Antique, which eventually picks right back up.

If you always avoided Texas Is The Reason for their emo tag, then you should definitely give them a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.  And if you are a fan of any shape of emo at all, go listen to one of the biggest influences on your genre.

Texas Is The Reason – If It’s Here When We Get Back, It’s Ours

I Dare You To Give Me One Reason To Stay:
Lifetime – Hello Bastards
Thursday – Full Collapse
Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down

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