Guttermouth, The Scandals, Tonight We Strike (Live In Philly 9/9/12)

I just got back from the lovely little borough of Brooklyn, so I didn’t a chance to post this until now, but this past Sunday, I headed to Philadelphia’s small bar The Fire to catch So-Cal punk rockers Guttermouth.  I’ve been listening to these guys for over 14 years and yet, never had the opportunity to see them.  Besides being one of the bands that originally got me into punk rock to begin with, my good friend just saw them down in DC and told me that they played one fuck of a good set.  Needless to say… fucking stoked.

I missed the first openers, but got there in time to catch NJ punk rock act Tonight We Strike.  The small bar seemed relatively empty besides for the opener bands and their friends and fans.  At one point I was the youngest person there for Guttermouth (at the ripe old age of 27)… and also the oldest.

Tonight We Strike

I’ve never heard of Tonight We Strike before, but they played pretty straight forward skate punk that reminded me a bit of Pennywise to be honest.  Except for a select few, it seemed like the majority of people (ok… the handful watching) didn’t know who they were, but that didn’t stop the singer from jumping into the crowd and essentially mopping the dirty floor with himself.  Entertaining?  For sure.

The band had plenty of energy, and played a cover of The Clash’s What’s My Name.  At times their sound was a bit generic and the set was a bit long, but they still played a solid set and I may check out some of their recorded stuff.  If you dig pretty straightforward skate punk, give these guys a listen.

The Scandals

Next up were NJ’s The Scandals, and some readers may remember that I listed their album The Sound Of Your Stereo on my 2010 favorites list. I was excited to see them again after seeing them open for Youth Brigade a few years back, and unbeknownst to me, they have a new EP out.

The Scandals completely killed it even though they were obviously exhausted and hungover as shit.  Fast and energetic and as I’ve stated in the past, The Scandals remind me of Rancid mixed in Bigwig.  Best dudes, I requested Sirens but as the singer’s throat was shot… they opted not to play it but hooked me up with some stuff including their newest EP, so be on the lookout for a review on that here soon.


Finally, the reason I came out to the show in the first place, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  Would Guttermouth be playing shit mostly off of their latest (cough 2006 cough) Shave The Planet, an album I don’t really know very well at all and how would the mostly older crowd react?  My questions were immediately answered once they took the stage and blasted straight into Lucky The Donkey.  I (and apparently everyone else) in the crowd immediately lost our collective shit, with a pit breaking open and people piling on Mark shouting along.

One of the best parts about the show was how much fun it looked like Guttermouth was having playing to the small but wild crowd.  These guys have been at it since 1988, yet still haven’t lost any of their edge… making fun of everybody (especially me, for being laid off, playing sports, being super liberal and everything else under the sun) and themselves.

Blasting through a bunch of old songs off of most of their good albums (including Friendly People and Musical Monkey) they even play my request Can I Borrow Some Ambition (and I promised Mark a shot of tequila if he did so, to which I honored).

Easily one of the straight up most fun shows I’ve been to in a while, possibly because of the good vibes all around, or maybe it was the fact I’ve been waiting for fucking 14 years to see these guys.  Regardless, if Guttermouth is coming around your area and you have a sense of humor… go fucking see them.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order)
Lucky The Donkey
Do The Hustle
Baker’s Dozen
Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired Tramps
Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army
Hit Machine
1-2-3 Slam (I think)
Can I Borrow Some Ambition
I’m Destroying The World
Guttermouth – Bakers Dozen
The Scandals – Sirens

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